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I coach and support fiction authors to help them create the most engaging version of their story possible. Take a look at the services below. If you don’t see exactly what you need, contact me and I’ll create a custom quote for services to help you get you on your writing journey!

I can help if you are…

  • Starting to write your masterpiece and need a guide and coach for the journey.
  • Bogged down in your novel’s soggy middle and need help getting unstuck so you can move forward.
  • Close to querying an agent, or self-publishing, and need a final set of eyes on your story.
  • Struggling with specific pain points in your novel or short story (story structure, plot holes, character development, etc.) and need help untangling them.
  • Searching for the next great story idea and need help vetting its viability in your genre.
  • Looking for a beta or sensitivity reader.
  • Have a completed manuscript ready for editing.


Genres Accepted:

    • Fantasy (All sub-genres including except children’s fantasy)
    • Science Fiction (All sub-genres except hard Sci-Fi)
    • Suspense / Thriller
    • Mystery and Crime
    • Romance (All sub-genres including paranormal, LGBTQ+, polyamorous, erotica, and sex positive)
    • Young Adult and New Adult


    Brainstorm Your Way Out of Book Trouble




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Editing Services

Editing Services Fees


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Book Coach Services

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Specialty Services

Specialty Services Fees
Specialty Services Fees
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