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Thieves: A Time Travel Adventure

THIEVES: A Time Travel Adventure

Clémence Arseneau is a time traveling thief who must choose between love and revenge. Her choice will either save the future or unwittingly destroy it.

2533 CE. The only thing Clémence Arseneau has left to steal is her freedom. But after one of her rogue heists threatens to expose her employer’s illegal operations, she must prove she’s not a liability with one final job. And though her lover, Nico Garcia, is on the team to help, so is a spy with a hidden agenda.

Traveling to Tudor England to rob Henry VIII, Clémence begins to suspect there is more to this caper than she was told. And when the opportunity to right a terrible wrong arises, she loses sight of the score, focusing instead on vengeance. But fulfilling her vendetta would have devastating consequences including losing the man who’s captured her heart.

With the future in jeopardy, will Clémence choose love… or revenge?

Thieves is the pulse-pounding first book in the Stolen Time series. If you like feisty heroines, thrilling action, and historical twists, then you’ll love this high-stakes tale.