Detective Teresa Ortiz

Meet Detective Teresa Ortiz

From the time she was small, Teresa Ortiz wanted to be a cop like her father. She never changed her mind on that score. While her friends' career focus varied based on desires for more disposable income, or craving the perfect work-life balance, she always knew what she was meant to do with her life.

Growing up, she'd heard Papi's stories of being on the job, and realized that helping and protecting people was encoded in her genes. Three generations of Ortizes wore the uniform before her -- it was both a source of pride and burden.

Teresa's career is on an upward swing after passing the detective's promotion exam, but her excitement is short-lived when her beloved Papi is tragically killed in the line of duty. Teresa gets her coveted promotion, but quickly realizes that fresh grief and a stressful new job don't mix.

Her rookie mistakes are mounting, and she's quickly losing trust and credibility with colleagues and superiors alike.

"Watch Them Die" begins with Teresa's struggle to face her personal grief and salvage her professional life while being caught up in the investigation of the most deviant serial murders in Chicago's history.

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