Lyn South is a Chicago-based writer with a wanderer’s soul and an adventurer’s heart. She promises to give them back to their original owners before moving on to the next life level.

While not exactly a member of the Bear Grylls Club adventure category, she has managed to backpack to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and ride a motorbike through Namibia and South Africa. She has a million new bucket list adventures, more motorcycling, and tons of exotic places to see before the borrowed heart and soul are returned.

The biggest adventures of all have been raising two sons as a single mother, and being a writer. As a voracious reader, many genres draw her passion. As a storyteller, the same holds true: She won’t limit herself to one writing genre. Thrillers, adventure, suspense, erotica and romance — stories in all of these genres, and more, are in the queue.

Watch Them Die (a crime thriller due in Spring 2017) is her first published novel.

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